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WhatsApp comes to your rescue for unwanted groups

WhatsApp comes to your rescue for unwanted groups

Got added to your old school friends’ group on WhatsApp? Got added in a group long time back but just bored with the everyday messages that keeps popping up every now and then?

Well, now WhatsApp has come to the support of those who find unwanted groups in their list as a headache.

The instant messaging app is going to introduce a new feature that will allow users to mute groups
Unwanted WhatsApp group may longer bug you, new feature to enable users mute groups for an unlimited or unspecified period of time.

At present, the time limit to mute a group is one year.

However, the 1 year option will be replaced by ‘Always’ with the update.

The company is also working on a multiple-device support for its users to access the same account with atleast four devices.

By Sahana Iyer

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