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Difficult to tell what will be impact of Covid-19 on Make in India: FM
New Delhi: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has warned that due to Corona virus, there is no possibility of price rise at present. Sitharaman said on Tuesday that due to coronavirus, China is not being supplied, due to which there is a fear of rising prices. The finance minister said... Read more
Corona Virus: Death figure has crossed 1800
Beijing: The death due to corona virus in China has crossed 1800. Hubei reported 1,807 new confirmed cases, the total number of such cases being 59,989. There were 1,432 new suspected cases from the rest of China. The Commission said that 1,097 patients became seriously ill on Monday and... Read more
Corona virus under control in India, uncontrolled in China, 1700 people killed
New Delhi: The havoc of the corona virus has spread across the border of China to many countries of the world. Even some people of India had made Corona their victim, but due to the readiness of doctors, people suffering from this virus came out of danger. In fact,... Read more
Corona virus may affect global economic growth: Georgieva
Dubai: The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Sunday that the corona virus epidemic this year could hurt global economic growth, but could see a rapid economic recovery after that. IMF managing director Kristalina Georgieva told the ‘Global Women’s Forum’ in Dubai, “(growth rate) may decline,... Read more
Corona reaches Europe, first corona affected dies in France
New York: A Chinese tourist died in France after being hospitalized with coronavirus, marking the first death from the illness in Europe, French health officials say. The man, an 80-year-old visitor from the virus’ epicenter in Hubei province, had been undergoing treatment for the disease since Jan. 25, Reuters... Read more
Death toll from corona virus in China crosses 1600
Beijing: With the death of 143 more people in China due to fatal corona virus infection, the total number of people who died from it has increased to 1,631. China’s National Health Commission said that 2,420 new cases were reported on Friday in the worst-affected Hubei province and 139... Read more
The spread of the Corona virus in China is an opportunity for India: CEA
Kolkata: The spread of Corona virus in China is an opportunity for India. Taking advantage of this opportunity, India can beat China in terms of exports. Chief Economic Advisor Krishnamurthy Subramanian says the outbreak of the virus in China could be an opportunity to increase exports to India. India... Read more
Corona Virus: 1110 deaths so far, more than 44,200 cases confirmed
BEIJING: The death toll from the deadly corona virus in China rose to 1,110 on Wednesday and more than 44,200 cases have been reported so far. The Health Commission of Hubei said that it killed 94 more people in Hubei province, where the virus has killed the most people... Read more
Death toll from corona virus in China rises to 811
Beijing: The death toll from the novel coronavirus surged past 811 in mainland China on Sunday, overtaking global fatalities in the 2002-03 SARS epidemic, even as the World Health Organization said the outbreak appeared to be “stabilising”. With 89 more people dying — most in Hubei, the province at... Read more
Corona effect: a special monitoring complex has been set up at Manesar
Students brought from China to be housed on an army compound in Manesar Two weeks will be in a special campus of 600 beds in view of the outbreak of corona virus, a special monitoring complex has been set up at Manesar in Haryana to keep about 300 Indian... Read more