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West Indies cricketers wear jersey with ‘Black Lives Matter’ logo on England tour

West Indies cricketers wear jersey with ‘Black Lives Matter’ logo on England tour

London: West Indies team is set to follow the Premier League clubs’ footsteps in the upcoming England Tests. Black Lives Matter campaign has been going on over the last few weeks since the death of the African American George Floyd. The Football clubs of the Premier League in England have been wearing the jerseys with ‘Black Lives Matter’ written on the back.

Similarly, the Caribbean players will sport the same logo used by the football clubs. It is designed by Alisha Hosannah, Wattford captain Troy Deeney’s partner. Cricket West Indies (CWI) contacted Deeney for his approval while the ICC has also given the permission to sport the logo on the collars of the shirt.

Speaking about the same, the West Indies skipper Jason Holder stated that it is the time for everyone to come together and fight for equality and justice. He also termed this as a crucial moment in the history of the Caribbean cricket and the sport. “This is a pivotal moment in history for sports, for the game of cricket and for the West Indies cricket team.

“We have come to England to retain the Wisden Trophy but we are very conscious of happenings around the world and the fight for justice and equality. As a group of young men, we know of the rich and diverse history of West Indies cricket and we know we are guardians of the great game for generation to come.

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