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In the history of World Cup for the first time Pakistan & Bangladesh is cheering for India.

India will be playing World Cup 2019 against England today, 30 June at Edgbaston in Birmingham with the hope of confirming their place in Semi-Finals. India, the only unbeaten team have won all five of their six league games, with one washout, and need to win just one more for making there place. On the other hand, England after two straight defeats to Sri Lanka and Australia  need to beat both India and New Zealand to guarantee a place in the semi-finals.
For the first time in the history of World Cup Pakistan & Bangladesh is with India and cheering for India. The high-power and enthusiastic India vs England World Cup match will be watched closely by all teams, including Pakistan, as the results will be deciding the fourth semi-finalist.

Australia has become the first team to qualify into the semi-finals, India is also looking forward to book its semi-finals with a victory over England. While New Zealand is likely to take up the fourth spot, England, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are fighting hard for the fourth spot.

When is India vs England Cricket World Cup match 2019?
The India vs England world cup 2019 match will be played today, June 30, 2019.

What time is India vs England World Cup match?
It will begin from 3PM in Indian standard time.

Where will India vs England cricket world cup match be played?
At Edgbaston in Birmingham.

Where it will telecast ?
On Star Sports network & streaming on Hotstar also.

What is weather report for India vs England World Cup match?
The Edgbaston weather report for Sunday, predicts cloudy. No rain is predicted in Birmingham. The weather during India vs England match is expected to be warm and sunny.

Scenario after Results today for semi-finals?

If India wins the match against England, then India will qualify into semifinals and England will most likely be out from the semi-final race.

How Today’s match result will impact Pakistan?
If India beats England, it would give Pakistan the advantage of qualifying for the semi-finals. Pakistan currently has 9 points from eight matches. Pak also have  to face Bangladesh, key contender of the fourth semi-final spot.

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