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Sriranjani & Amith celebrate the birth of their child with a #NewMomGift

Sriranjani & Amith celebrate the birth of their child with a #NewMomGift

Every couple has their own journey of moving from being a couple on paper to becoming a couple in real life and this journey is marked not by milestones but real, and often unacknowledged moments that are unique to their relationship and which define its evolution. The natural progression of this evolution is the milestone of the birth of their child – perhaps the most authentic, precious and rare moment for any couple.

As their bond strengthens futher with parenthood, this occasion deserves to be celebrated with something rare, precious and unique – a natural diamond. Taking the thought forward of “Celebrating the miracle of life, with a miracle of nature”, leading celebrity couple Sriranjani&Amithcommemorated the arrival of their new baby with a unique New Mom Gift.

Sriranjani&Amithhave shot a unique videoinspired by their own real life experience, where they talk about this joyful moment in their lives.The birth of their baby boy and the many memories of being new parents was a unique experience for them and they have a forever reminder of this beautiful time in the natural diamond bracelet that Amit got for Sriranjani as a #NewMomGift.

Sharing her thoughts, Sriranjani says, “Veda’s birth was life-changing and joyful in so many ways, and Amith’s support made all the difference. One day, he casually got me this natural diamond bracelet to celebrate our parenting journey. And as I slowly resumed work, this bracelet became a symbol of strength Amith gave me to get back to doing what I love.”

Sharing his thoughts, Amith says, “Watching Sriranjani and Veda together is the biggest source of happiness for me. It is wonderful to see their beautiful bond. Like every new mother, Sriranjani was finding it difficult to balance motherhood & her career when she resumed work. So I got her a natural diamond bracelet to show that we are in this journey together.”

The film, in association with Star Vijay, is available on social media and YouTube, and can soon be seen on your TV screens.

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