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Ranosys Technologies Partners With Bikaner Technical University To Bring OutSystems to Indian Students

Ranosys Technologies Partners With Bikaner Technical University To Bring OutSystems to Indian Students

The initiative aims to skill young tech graduates in this low-code app development platform, and prepare them for job opportunities

New Delhi, In a bid to skill tech graduates and offer them mentorship for professional opportunities, Ranosys Technologies, Singapore’s leading software development company, has signed an OutSystems education protocol with Bikaner Technical University (BTU). Under this initiative, Ranosys will engage students of BTU and skill them in OutSystems, one of the low-code app development platforms in the world.

OutSystems is a leading platform to build mobile and web apps. Over the years, it has helped organizations build enterprise-grade apps by offering solutions that can be easily integrated with existing business systems.

“The signing of this partnership symbolizes a great synergy that will enhance the value and mutually benefit both Ranosys and Bikaner Technical University in the near future. This partnership will empower students to learn OutSystems best practices in the classroom and prepare them to make significant contributions and address challenges as skilled employees,” said Mr. H.D. Charan, Vice-Chancellor, Bikaner Technical University.

OutSystems aims to skill 10,000 new students who are set to join the professional developer community in 2020, and India is at the centre of this vision. Gonçalo Gaiolas, Vice President at OutSystems, said, “The OutSystems Education Program is a strategic, multi-year initiative where OutSystems works side by side with partners and customers to help provide free access to our technology to universities and schools. Currently, OutSystems works with more than 100 universities globally, including University of Georgia, California State University.”

He further added, “We are particularly focused on expanding our footprint in India, a key region for our continued growth. We are proud to have partnered up with Ranosys to provide low-code training to students at Bikaner Technical University and hope to extend this partnership to many other educational institutions”.

Rameshwar Vyas, Founder & CEO, Ranosys said, “Education is a key driver that enables mainstream adoption of new technology. We are thrilled to partner with Bikaner Technical University to provide students with high-quality OutSystems learning solutions. This partnership is an initiative from Ranosys to prepare qualified OutSystems development professionals who can better compete in the current and future workforce and respond to the growing demands of global enterprises.”

“Ranosys strongly believes that low-code is the future of application development and shall become mainstream. Empowering students with the right knowledge, material and guidance will unlock unprecedented career opportunities for them. The work Ranosys has been doing in terms of helping universities and students in India become knowledgeable in low-code technologies and OutSystems, in particular, is remarkable,” said Inês Barros, Global Lead for Education Program, OutSystems.

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