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Dosti Realty’s efforts “Nutritional needs to labourers” at their construction sites

Dosti Realty’s efforts “Nutritional needs to labourers” at their construction sites

Dosti Realty, a reputed name in Mumbai’s real estate segment is taking precautionary measures for the welfare, nutritional needs and healthcare of the labourers residing at the construction sites of Dosti Realty.

In this most challenging phase, considering the vitality of the pandemic, Dosti Realty is all set to evaluate and regulate their safety norms to foster the well-being of those employed in all their construction sites. Comprehending the importance of protecting labourers from getting exposed to the infection, all the necessary precautions to minimize the risks of transmission have been activated at the construction sites. Additionally, Dosti Realty has extended a helping hand to the labour segment by providing food to more than 1500 labours across all its construction sites. Besides this, to ensure that all the labourers are currently healthy a temperature scan was conducted to ensure that no one was at risk and will continue to be done until this pandemic is averted.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr.  Deepak Goradia- Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Dosti Realty, says, “The safety of all our employees is of paramount importance. We at Dosti Realty will do our best to ensure that we get through this challenging time together”                                                                                                                           

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