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Rahul made two philosophical tweets amid Rajasthan crisis

Rahul made two philosophical tweets amid Rajasthan crisis

New Delhi: Sachin Pilot’s rebellious remarks in Rajasthan have made it difficult for the Congress and the ruling Ashok Gehlot government. At a time when the Congress is trying to save power in Rajasthan and convince the ‘angry’ Sachin Pilot, the party’s prominent leader Rahul Gandhi appeared in a philosophical manner.

He talked about the developments in Rajasthan in two tweets by gestures. Rahul wrote in his first tweet, ‘Today a large part of the Indian news media has been captured by fascist interests. A hate filled narrative is being spread by television channels, whatsapp forwards and false news. This narrative of lies is tearing India apart. ‘

In another tweet, the former Congress president wrote – I want to make our current affairs, history and crisis clear and accessible for those interested in the truth.

From tomorrow, worried be sharing my thoughts with you on video. ‘

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