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Rahul Gandhi called the process of lockdown insanity

Rahul Gandhi called the process of lockdown insanity

New Delhi: Congress has become aggressive about the way the Modi government is taking steps to tackle the Corona epidemic, former party president Rahul Gandhi, who was constantly questioning the process of implementing lockdown today, shouted today without naming Modi Said and called his thinking mad.

Rahul also tweeted a graph with what he tweeted today to prove how fast the number of corona patients in India is growing. In a tweet, Rahul said that “doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results is insanity”.

Rahul had tweeted a similar earlier, in which he wrote “India is on the way to winning a wrong race. A terrible tragedy, due to a fatal mixture of arrogance and incompetence.” Actually, Congress is angry with the decisions of the Modi government during the Corona crisis, because Prime Minister Modi is taking unilateral decisions ignoring political parties.

The Congress made it clear that it was not against the lockdown but the way it was implemented was a completely wrong decision. Party leader Kapil Sibal says that when the cases of Carona are increasing rapidly, you opened the lockdown, while the world This did not happen in any of the countries.

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