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Modi government is anti-poor, accuses Rahul Gandhi

Modi government is anti-poor, accuses Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Former Congress president and MP from Wayanad, Rahul Gandhi is constantly attacking the government regarding the Coronavirus and Indo-China dispute. In a tweet some time ago, he has accused the central government of being anti-poor due to the earnings of workers’ special trains. Rahul Gandhi tweeted, ‘The’ clouds ‘of disease are there, people are in trouble, can take benefits – by converting disaster into profit, the poor anti-government is earning.’

Actually, Rahul Gandhi has tweeted this while sharing the news of a newspaper. That news is about the shramik special trains run during the lockdown. It has been told that the railways earned a lot from the shramik trains. The railways have earned Rs 428 crore from these trains. The shramik trains were run during the lockdown to release the stranded migrants to their home state. In many states, when the matter of taking rent from migrants came to light, some state had made claims to bear the rent itself.

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