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Do you know? America’s Senator Elizabeth Warren has an Indian connection

Interestingly, senator Elizabeth Warren has a son-in-law who is of Indian-American origin. Surprised?

Well, don’t be! As Warren’s daughter Amelia got married to Indian immigrant Sushil Tyagi, who hails from Dehradun.

Tyagi’s immigrant journey was not that easy. He changed his life for the better through education. Tyagi holds graduation from IIT Delhi, MBA from Wharton and a postgraduate degree in Ocean Engineering from UC Berkeley.

Presently, Tyagi works as the President of Berkeley Marine Robotics in CA. Tyagi’s mother lives in Dehradun.
His father worked as a police constable and he came from a very humble upbringing.

Tyagi believes that Elizabeth Warren is the ideal fit for America’s presidentship as she would give justice for all Americans. Since Warren has grown up in America, she knows the daily lives of families living there. Also, as she is the grandmother of his kids and has a multi-cultural family, Tyagi feels that Warren has respect and understanding for global communities.

Recently on 22 January, over 150-plus important Asian American and Asian Pacific Leaders announced a major support for Elizabeth Warren for President, thus overturning the Trumpian model of America.

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