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Cows remain dead in the cow shelter area, administration becomes silent spectator

Aligarh. The Uttar Pradesh government has built cow dynasty shelters for holiday cows in every district, tehsil and block, to relieve the farmers from the holiday cows, but Sri Khereshwar Goshala in the Lodha block area, where the cows are in very bad condition. Neither they are getting fodder nor water.

Facing hunger and thirst of cows facing a lot of problems in the cowshed, bones have come out. These cows are getting only dry and wet turkey chopped fodder in their food. Whether water is available on time or not, it cannot be said.

The Yogi government is making many claims to provide better services to the Gaushalas, but the picture of Shri Khereshwar Goshala in village Wajidpur is telling a different story. There are about 150 cows in the Goshala here, in which more than half a dozen cows are forced to shed tears in rare condition seeing their plight. Neither a single tree has been planted in this Gaushala, nor any such shade arrangement. There are only small tin shades. Whereas according to the rule, there should be a system of keeping cow, bizar, pregnant cow and calves separately. Sonu Baghel, village head and manager of the village told that we have 290 cows here, in which all the cows are healthy, which we are feeding fodder in the morning and evening, we are feeding straw, khal chuni and husk, water system is tight. Well, doctors are coming from time to time, but the truth was the opposite.

Government is paying money or officials have been rebuffed?

Independent photo journalist Manoj Aligarhi has tried to depict the plight of the cows in Shri Khereshwar Gaushala through photos. Here, as if a hungry-thirsty helpless cow is waiting for its death. On the other hand, an insane cow lying in the fodder bull was waiting for water. A calf of a cow might have reached death in a few steps. Will the government take care of it? Is it not the case that the officials have reprimanded the money received in the head of the cowshed?

A few steps away he had a white weak cow lying unconsciously, whose foam was coming out of his mouth. At the same time, when the water latch was seen nearby, it was frozen and the water level was very low. A few steps ahead, the injured tailed cow was also seen helpless. Herds of cows were trying to escape the sun in the shade of a small tin shed. In the other water latch here too, the water was far from the reach of the neck of the animals. On being told that cleaning has been done, water will be filled after this. After all, will the representative District Magistrate or SDM Coal of the Modi-Yogi government take care of it?

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