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America is taking a very tough stand against Turkey: Trump

Washington. Amid preparations for the US delegation led by US Vice President Mike Pence to leave for Ankara to pressurize Turkey to stop the military offensive in northern Syria, US President Donald Trump said the US was “very strict” against Turkey. Has adopted the stance and has imposed strict restrictions on it. Trump told reporters at the White House on Tuesday that his administration wanted to bring American troops back home.

The delegation, including US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, will visit Turkish President Rajab Tayyab Erdoआनan on 17 October. Erdoआनan, meanwhile, rejected the US proposal for a ceasefire in northern Syria, saying it was not worried about US sanctions. The daily newspaper Hurriyat quoted Erdoआनan as saying, “They want us to declare a ceasefire.” We cannot declare a ceasefire. ”The Turkish attacks, which began last week following the US decision to withdraw its forces from Syria, are intended to expel the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces SDF from border areas. The Turkish government wants to create a “safe zone” in the area, where it can resettle the 2 million Syrian refugees who are currently in Turkey. Trump said, “Mike (Pence) is preparing for a big trip.

He will leave on Wednesday. “The White House said the ongoing violence in the region is greatly weakening the” Defeat ISIS “campaign, endangering the safety of ordinary citizens and religious minorities and the region as a whole. He said that the administration is determined to ensure the safety of the area and common citizens. Trump has been criticized for withdrawing forces from Syria. On this matter, Trump said, “We want to bring back our soldiers who have been there for many years, they are the greatest warriors in the world.” He said, “They are not police forces, but they are working . They are different types of force. We want to bring our troops back and we are taking a very tough stand against Turkey and many others. “The White House said Pence would repeat Trump’s commitment to impose economic sanctions on Turkey until a solution is reached.

“They have to ensure peace and security and we will see what happens to the delegation,” Trump said. We are demanding a ceasefire, “he said.” We have imposed the toughest restrictions you can imagine, but if they do not affect them, we will impose further restrictions on steel including tariffs. ” He ships a lot of steel to America. They make a lot of money from it. They won’t be able to make too much money. “Trump has imposed sanctions on Turkish ministers and senior officials, proposing to raise steel tariffs and end negotiations on a $ 100 billion trade deal, in the meantime Trump’s decision in Syria A bicameral, bipartisan resolution was introduced in the Congress in protest.

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