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Bilaspur- Hailing from a small town of Bilaspur, Amit Pandey has proved that no boundaries can stop you if you aspire to dream big... OYO opening doors for potential entrepreneurs in Bilaspur

Bilaspur- Hailing from a small town of Bilaspur, Amit Pandey has proved that no boundaries can stop you if you aspire to dream big and turn it into reality. With the right mix of ambition and perseverance, Amit successfully came on board with OYO Hotels and Homes to get his standalone hotel up and running.  An English Honours graduate, Amit was actively working in the customer services department of an MNC where he learned the crucial aspect of feedback and experience as the strong pillars of hospitality.

On his association with OYO, Amit says, “Initially our idea for this property was to open a hostel as a side business and not a hotel. This is because I knew if I had to open a hotel that too in a small city like Bilaspur it would take me more than a year to establish let alone market it. Then as luck would have it, a  representative from OYO stayed at my property and asked me if I was willing to convert this into a full-fledged hotel. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I wanted this since I had a feeling that we wouldn’t get frequent customers. The team, however, motivated me to run this as a hotel and within 5 working days, the entire place was given a makeover including linen, TV, AC etc.

He further adds, “I still remember the night my property went live in the month of April and was sitting together with the OYO Team till 2 a.m. I was quite nervous as to what response would I receive and if I would get frequent customers. However, within a day’s time, I started getting customers and in one week’s time, I was seeing a full occupancy. The railway and bus stations are only 2 kms away from my hotel hence we see a 90% occupancy on weekdays and weekends.

I am thankful to the OYO team who have been a constant support of motivation for me whenever I was unsure about this hotel. Such has been the impact of this business that my father too devotes most of his time to this property.

My brother who is working in Raigad too supports me in the functioning of this business whenever he is in the city.  I am thankful to the OYO team who never gave up and helped me realise the true potential of this property. With their support, I have  have been paying special focus to reviews and ratings hence I try to incorporate any feedback that we receive when guests stay at our hotel.”

Being one of the largest cities of the state Chattisgarh, Bilaspur has a vibrantly colourful and diverse culture and has many places in the city which attract thousands of tourists. However, owing to the lack of quality hotel options, tourists didn’t have reliable accommodations to stay at. OYO Hotels & Homes has successfully addressed this gap by creating a significant impact in terms of offering great customer experience, quality accommodation and creating micro-entrepreneurs in Bilaspur.

Leveraging its innovative technology, OYO has struck a chord instantly with customers, especially the millennials in the city and there has been no stopping since then. Besides this, the company also launched OYO Partner Engagement Network (OPEN) – a year-long initiative with 6 core promises for 10000+ asset owners in India. It further introduced an upgraded Co-OYO app for asset owners that provides complete visibility on all business & customer metrics. The app helps to enhance the quality of standalone hotels and improves occupancy from 25% to 65% on an average, increasing the yield on underutilized assets for asset owners.

Additionally, OYO also sanctions financial support for overhauling the property, while extending additional support like equipping the hotel with LED televisions, AC, Wi-Fi, CCTV, Dish TV, quality linen, etc. This will also allow creating thousands of jobs in Tier II and III cities by nurturing micro-entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector thus leading to their economic growth.

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