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DadiDada Foundation welcomes announcement of giving financial aid of Rs 1000 to poor senior citizens

DadiDada Foundation welcomes announcement of giving financial aid of Rs 1000 to poor senior citizens

New Delhi: DadiDada Foundation, which works on educating senior citizens about their rights, has lauded the government’s decision of providing an exgratia amount of Rs 1,000 to poor senior citizens in the times of extreme crisis.

Today the government announced an economic package worth Rs 1.7 lakh crore to provide relief to poor, workers, and other needy sections while the country is facing lockdown due to the outbreak of deadly coronavirus.  In her announcement, Hon’able Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said senior citizens, poor widows and old divyang will get an ex-gratia amount of Rs 1,000 in two tranches over the next three months.   The scheme will benefit three crore people of our society.

We laud government’s announcement approving the scheme to give an exgratia amount of Rs 1000 to 3 crore poor senior citizen widows and divyang for a period of 3 months in times of extreme crisis,  Muni Shankar Pandey, Director DadiDada Foundation said. The country is passing through a very challenging period. Our senior citizens are very prone to the highly contagious virus which has already taken so many lives of citizens.

We appeal to the senior citizens to avail the releif which is being provided to them, stay safe and follow the government’s safety guidelines. DadiDada Foundation will engage our respective parliamentarians  to create awareness about the package in their respective constituencies.

DadiDada Foundation is an organization working for welfare of senior citizens in India. Its volunteers educate senior citizens on their rights besides helping them in availing necessarily livelihood services such as legal aid, arranging fooding and lodging and other basic amenities.

Recently, the Foundation alongwith a group of parliamentarians held a round table in the National Capital to create awareness among senior citizens about the schemes being run by the governments at various levels.

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