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Chinese cargo with 600 artificial respirators is held in the USA and will not be sent to Brazil

Chinese cargo with 600 artificial respirators is held in the USA and will not be sent to Brazil

A Chinese supplier canceled the contract for the purchase of 600 artificial respirators made with the government of Bahia for the treatment of people infected with Covid-19. The cargo was held at the Miami airport, in the USA, from where they would be sent to Brazil.

The purchase cost R $ 42 million to the states of the Northeast. According to the press office of the Casa Civil da Bahia, “the purchase of respirators was canceled unilaterally by the seller”, who gave no further explanation, only that the cargo would have another destination. The amount was not disbursed by the Bahian government. “Right now, we are looking for new suppliers,” said Casa Civil.

The suspicion is that the equipment is now destined to fight the coronavirus crisis in the United States, which would have agreed to pay more to the Chinese company.

Chinese suppliers have been accused of canceling contracts with countries like Brazil, France and Canada, and favoring the USA, which would have agreed much higher payments, since there are no rules for this type of situation in international trade.

On Wednesday, Brazilian Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta had already made a similar statement, stating that Brazilian purchases had “fallen” after confirmation of American purchases.

According to the New York Times, the negotiation between American and Chinese private companies was done with the help of the mediation of American President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. The plane that landed on Sunday in New York from Shanghai had 130,000 N-95 masks, almost 1.8 million surgical masks and clothing and more than 10.3 million gloves, in addition to 70,000 thermometers.

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