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What is the future of romance post lockdown?

What is the future of romance post lockdown?

While many things after the lockdown is lifted is not going to be the same. Many wonder how are romantic relationships or for that matter, dating going to be after the coronavirus lockdown.

Some worry about coming in contact with asymptomatic people who carry the virus without showing any symptoms, whereas some people feel romantic relationships will reach a new height.

So by following physical distancing and doing no shaking of hands, hugging, kissing, will romance be prevalent more only on the online space?

Or will people take the risk to know more about their prospective partner by meeting them in person too?

It is said that once normalcy resumes, meeting new people in the physical world will take some more time. It is also being discussed that social distancing will be the new reason for more breakups and online cheating.

Touch is said to reduce stress. And when we are being told to maintain 6 feet distance, how is dating or developing romantic feelings going to happen is something that will evolve on its own.

However, many think that romance will go back like how it used to happen in olden days, just staring at each other, speaking from a distant level and meeting only once a while before marriage.

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