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How to deal with stress How to deal with stress
“So, the thing is we are going to start a new project at this location because it is investment-worthy for the buyers,” said Shekhar... How to deal with stress

“So, the thing is we are going to start a new project at this location because it is investment-worthy for the buyers,” said Shekhar while looking at the presentation. Delegates were keenly listening to Shekhar’s presentation. While moving down the slides, Shekhar realized that his presentation was incomplete. His tensed looks and nervous voice tone made his colleague understand there is an issue and hence, he took over and completed the meeting successfully.

Shekhar’s boss considered it to be a technical error and encouraged him to perform better next time. But Shekar couldn’t tolerate the failure. He had set high expectations from himself and that one failure was giving him sleepless nights. Shekhar’s monthly work review had many negative comments from the manager to improve his work. This was making Shekhar more vulnerable to criticism. Shekhar was totally stressed as his girlfriend also decided to part ways owing to individual differences.

Shekhar’s good friend cum colleague recommended him to take a break from work. It’s been a long time since Shekhar had taken a long vacation. Shekhar decided to take the advise and went to his hometown in Kerala for a week. Shekhar realized that all this while he has been pushing his limits to please everyone. The calm surroundings and natural scenic beauty made Shekhar feel connected to his inner-self. He started re-examining all the stuff that he had been doing in the whole year. His girlfriend left him because Shekhar didn’t consider their relationship as his priority. Shekhar felt apologetic for not being understanding towards his partner. Shekhar aimed high and wanted to earn more but at the cost of his own dreams and passions. Shekhar was a very skilled pianist but he never went back to play the instrument due to his hectic work schedules. Shekhar took on more job responsibilities because he wanted quick success. He never spent time with his parents and neither attended any functions of relatives because he was busy with the official trips and meetings.

All these things came infront of Shekhar which made him feel very guilty. He decided to remove the stress from his life to lead a peaceful and successful life. Wanna know how Shekhar survived stress? Check his methodology below-

1) Positive attitude – Shekhar developed a positive attitude to deal with life’s challenges. He thought that he will never lose hope and always believe in himself to overcome problems at personal and professional life.

2) Balanced lifestyle – Shekhar didn’t allow money to get into his head. He decided to give equal or proper time for each of his activities at work and in life. He believed in having a balanced approach in his living ways as that’s the key to avoid any major physical and emotional problems.

3) Relaxation is vital – Instead of taking up new work assignments or fixing up meetings with prospective customers, Shekhar decided to utilize that time to relax. He did nothing on holidays and work-offs but just chilled out in his space. Sometimes travelled to meet his old friends and relatives and that helped him reconnect with others well.

Stress is a part of everyone’s lives. How one manages stress levels is completely upto them. Either you can give in to stress or you can defeat the problems and conquer as a winner. Choice is always yours!

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