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What are the reasons for overeating under stress, how to avoid it

New Delhi. Boiled potatoes mashed with butter or milk are part of everyday catering in Western countries. Nora Ephron wrote in her famous novel Hartburn in 1986, “Nothing better than a rich intake of well-mashed boiled potatoes when you’re in depression.” Of course, you can take help from someone to make this potato dish, but there is no one there to do it in your service in this hour of depression.”

Actually, Efron was talking about the connection between eating and our emotions or emotional state. For example, after a breakup, someone wants to eat something rich with calories.

Perhaps we have all gone through this phase. For example, a full bar of chocolate to relieve the pain of losing love. Or to lick a box of biscuits before preparing for a tough exam. If it is not controlled, then every time stressful eating becomes a habit.

A person with a tense eating habit cannot provide as much relief as a tub of ice cream or a cup of hot chocolate. Yes, the desire to eat more is a reality when emotions are overflowing. And this is what we do whenever we are depressed, depressed or desperate.

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