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Tips to take care of your elderly parents amid coronavirus crisis

Tips to take care of your elderly parents amid coronavirus crisis

In these difficult times, we have to follow social distancing, wear masks and avoid going out of our homes unnecessarily.

But when it comes to elderly population i.e. people above 65 years of age, it is important to provide special care to them as they are more likely to get infected by coronavirus due to low immunity and other serious illnesses such as blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Here are some tips to care for your elderly parents during the coronavirus crisis:

1) Encourage them to eat vegetables and fruits that are high in vitamin C, E and zinc. Amla, onion, garlic, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, berries should be added in their regular diet.

2) Make them drink eight to nine glasses of water to reduce getting cold and flu. Coconut water, soup, milk, lemon juice, mint leaves are also good to consume.

3) Elderly people usually complain of finding it difficult to sleep for more time due to reduce physical activity. Encourage them to do small tasks and get enough sleep.

4) If required, consult your doctor online about the health status of your elderly relatives and parents.

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