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Now get health facilities with mediclaim for just Rs 80, avail benefits from here

Mumbai. Swatantra Microfin Private Limited has provided affordable Cashless Mediclaim product Independent Rural Care to over 10 lakh rural beneficiaries in 25 districts across 13 states in rural India. It is the first product category of its kind in rural India with more than 6000 claims settled at 1200 hospitals. Independent Microfin also provides micro loans to rural women.

The Independent Rural Care Mediclaim was launched in 2016 and is provided as a micro-loan top-up. It has been specifically introduced to provide coverage of health facilities to independent consumers at reasonable rates. Spending on health services makes up the bulk of the monthly expenses of independent K consumers. Health expenses often come suddenly and are not pre-planned. For example, in a village in Madhya Pradesh, a person was hospitalized after a heart attack, for which his wife had to deposit Rs 40,000 in the hospital. This type of situation can cause stress for any person. Considering the figures, 62 percent of the expenditure on health services in India is outside the power of the people. Independent rural care products solve these problems of rural consumers and give them money to pay for medical services in case of sudden illness.

Keeping in mind similar needs, independent rural care has been prepared. To ensure the success of Mediclaim, the team of independent microfin ensures that the consumer is fully informed about the product. The company’s medical team is available 24/7 to help consumers. It is a cashless mediclaim for 5 members of the family (including in-laws), covering dependents up to the age of 80 years. At a premium of only Rs 80 per month, women can get health insurance for their entire family and can get coverage for treatment up to Rs 50000.

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