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Corona virus: 6 people died in a single day in India

Corona virus: 6 people died in a single day in India

New Delhi: The outbreak of Corona virus epidemic in the country is increasing day by day. Six people died from Corona on Thursday. That is, 16 people have lost their lives so far. At the same time, 693 people have been infected in the country so far. In this, 44 patients have been cured. 88 new cases have been reported in a single day. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare gave this information.

Maharashtra has the highest number of positive cases of corona virus. At the same time, 118 in Kerala, 41 in Karnataka, 38 in Gujarat, 37 in Uttar Pradesh, 36 in Rajasthan, 35 in Telangana, 35 in Delhi, 29 in Punjab, 28 in Haryana, 18 in Tamil Nadu, 18 in Madhya Pradesh. 13 corona virus-infected patients have been found in Ladakh. At the same time, the Corona virus has knocked in Goa, there have been three new cases. Earlier on Wednesday, a doctor at Mohalla Clinic in Delhi was also found infected with the corona virus, after which patients who went to the doctor have been ordered to go to quarantine.

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