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From A to Z of Coronavirus From A to Z of Coronavirus
By – Shefa Siddiqui About Coronavirus Novel Coronavirus, a huge family of virus that causes contagion from coldness to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)... From A to Z of Coronavirus

By – Shefa Siddiqui

About Coronavirus

Novel Coronavirus, a huge family of virus that causes contagion from coldness to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) primarily strikes the respiratory system leading similar to Pneumonia impairment.

  • There are many species of virus that causes less grave ailment than Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) which causes more grave ailment. The viral outbreak was first detected in Wuhan, China.
  • Reports have indicated that the virus has spread from a huge sea food and animal market based in the city stating that the virus is spreading from animal to person. Whereas the increasing numbers of affected persons are not expected to have been
  • In the year 2003, an epidemic alike SARS felled 900 plus all around the world within some weeks.

What are the Signs & Symptoms of Coronavirus?

  • The signs and symptoms of Coronavirus are alike common cold comprising of a headache, cough, fever, shorter breaths, shiver, body pain, leading to more intense symptoms of the acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure eventually leading to death.
  • In the majority of the cases, a person fails to recognize and differentiate between the Coronavirus or some other virus spreading cold-like rhinovirus.
  • Whereas in case the virus affects the lower part of the respiratory tract (windpipe and lungs) then it may lead to Pneumonia. Older people who suffer any heart disorder or weak immune system are more prone to develop an infection with this virus.
  • At present, there is no such vaccine to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.
  • The signs and symptoms of  2019 n-CoV may be apparent in as less as 2 days and maybe in full swing within 14 days after subjection.
  • Some infected people show no to mild symptoms whereas it got grave has been proved fatal in others.

Prevention of Coronavirus

As ‘prevention is better than cure’, in order to prevent the infection and spread of this virus a person is required to follow the same preventive and precaution measures as of common cold like using alcoholic soaps and sprays.

  • One should escape from touching eyes, nose and mouth and also restrict contact with an infected person.

Its treatment is same as of common cold.

How Coronavirus gets Disseminated?

The Novel Coronavirus 2019 an airborne virus, spreads like common cold and influenza.

The virus is extremely contagious and can grow by the contact with almost anything including infected person cough, breaths or sneezes which simply indicates that the surrounding of an infected person should be restricted or isolated as the virus can be present anywhere in the nearby surroundings leading to infect the other healthy individual who comes in contact.

How far the virus has spread Yet?

Despite great efforts to minimize the infection and spread of this virus it has crossed the nation’s boundaries and has reached to an international level.

  • More than 40,000 confirmed cases have been reported till date. Dozens of countries including China, Thailand Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Macao, Germany, France, Malaysia, US, UAE, Italy, Canada, India, Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal, Finland, Russia, Belgium, Sweden and Sri Lanka are grappling with the spread of Coronavirus infection.  
  • National Health Commission has reported 3,062 new infection cases along with 40,171 cumulative infections including 97 death cases, 908 cumulative death cases, 23,589 overall suspected cases and 3,281 recovered cases for yesterday.  

Preventive and Precautions to Avoid the Infection

As per the WHO guidelines a person should not be in a hurry to make a conclusion about Coronavirus infection since the symptoms are pretty similar to influenza. The organization highly recommends developing good respiratory and hand sanitation and safe food intake as the final note of safety measures.

  • Wash and clean your hands often with alcohol concentrated soap, paper soap or sanitizer.
  • Use a tissue to cover your exposed areas like mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing and dispose of the tissue and clean your hands.
  • Restrict close meeting with a person having a cough and fever.
  • In case you experience cough, fever and difficulty while breathing then get medical treatment at first.
  • Restrict travel to the areas where the confirmed cases are extremely high unless it’s important.
  • Restrict consumption of raw animal products including milk, egg and meat. It should be cooked properly to prevent cross-contamination via raw or undercooked food.

Read the above guidelines and information and take proper follow up in order to stay hale and hearty.

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