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Why PM Modi is silent on the death of soldiers: Rahul Gandhi

Why PM Modi is silent on the death of soldiers: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi why he is silent on the issue, questioning the death of Indian soldiers in a violent confrontation between Indo-China troops in the Galvan Valley of East Ladakh. They should tell the country what is happening on the border.

On Monday night, 20 soldiers, including a colonel, were killed in a violent clash of Indian soldiers with Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley of eastern Ladakh. Rahul Gandhi said on Twitter Why is the PM silent? Why is he hiding? Enough is enough. We need to know what has happened. How dare China kill our soldiers? How dare they take our land?

The Indian Army had initially said that one officer and two soldiers were killed on Tuesday, but the death toll rose to 20 by the evening. 17 other Indian soldiers were seriously injured in the collision. After this, his condition worsened in an environment with temperatures below zero. Government sources say that China has suffered a similar proportion.

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