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Riots erupt in America, Trump signals to deploy army

Riots erupt in America, Trump signals to deploy army

Demonstrations have spread to several US states in criticism of the police following the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of a policeman in Menapolis.

Meanwhile, the state of Minnesota has spoken of seeking the help of the National Guards to combat violent demonstrations, while President Donald Trump says the military may have to be deployed to stop the demonstrations.

In Minnesota’s capital Minapolis, the situation is very bad, as well as large-scale protests in New York, Atlanta, Portland, Washington, Las Angeles, Oakland, Detroit, and many other cities. In many places a terrible fire broke out in such a way that everything burned to ashes.

During the demonstrations in Oakland, California, two people were killed, one of whom is said to be a policeman, while firing on a federal government building opened fire on the head of a man who was seriously injured.

A youth participating in a demonstration in Detroit was shot and killed by an unknown person. The attacker shot from within the vehicle and escaped.

Protestors attacked the office of CNN TV channel in Atlanta city of Georgia state and also targeted police vehicles.

Protesters in Las Angelas were repeating George Floyd’s last sentence he had said before he died. Thousands of protesters took to the streets in New York.

A large number of policemen and personnel from intelligence agencies had to be deployed in Washington.

Activists say that due to racism in many states of the country, the fire of outrage had already spread and now after the killing of Floyd it became a volcano.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said he could issue a decree on deploying the military to crush protesters who attacked police.

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