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Rahul slams Modi government over border situation with China

Rahul slams Modi government over border situation with China

New Delhi: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has raised questions about the silence of the Modi government regarding the tension on the border with China. Rahul Gandhi wrote on his Twitter account that due to the government’s silence on the situation on the border with China, speculation is gaining momentum in this time of crisis and uncertainty remains. The Government of India should tell India clearly, what is happening.

Let us tell you that on May 5, about 250 soldiers of India and China clashed with iron rods and sticks in the Pegong Lake area of ​​East Ladakh. There was also stone pelting on both sides. Soldiers of both countries were injured in this incident. In another similar incident, on May 9, there was a clash between about 150 soldiers of both countries near Naku La Pass in Sikkim sector. In Pangong Tso Lake and Galvan Valley, many areas adjoining LAC have also seen a large increase in the number of troops from both sides.

The areas around Galvan have been the cause of conflict between the two sides for more than six decades. In 1962, there was a confrontation regarding this area. Sources said that China has set up at least 40-50 tents in the Galvan Valley, after which India has sent additional troops. The world is also eyeing this situation of tension. US President Donald Trump has also offered to mediate on the border dispute between India and China.

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