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More than 6 thousand cases of corona infection found again in India today

More than 6 thousand cases of corona infection found again in India today

New Delhi: The number of corona infections in the country has increased to 1,24,462 while 3,712 people have died. According to covid19india.org, there are 69,056 active cases while 51,637 are cured after treatment. In the last 24 hours, 6,237 new cases have been reported while 128 people have died. The corona infection spans 26 states and 7 union territories. Out of these, the most affected 5 states alone have more than 86 thousand, ie 73 percent patients. According to the Ministry of Health, 1 lakh 18 thousand 447 are infected in the country. 66 thousand 330 are under treatment. 48 thousand 533 have been cured and 3,583 have died.

The corona virus in Maharashtra is creating new records every day. In the last 24 hours, 2940 new corona infections have been reported. This is the highest number of corona patients in a day. Now the total corona patients in the state have increased to 44,582. At the same time, 63 people died. The death toll from Corona now stands at 1517. Police in the state is also struggling badly with Corona. 1666 policemen have been infected with Corona, of which 18 have died. This is the sixth consecutive day when more than two thousand cases have been reported in Maharashtra. So far, a total of 12583 patients have been cured in the state and a total of 30474 active cases remain. Corona test of 332777 people has been done in the state.

In the last 24 hours in Mumbai, 1751 cases of corona were reported and a total of 27 patients died. The number of corona patients in Mumbai alone has now reached 27251. Of the total 1,517 people who died of corona in Maharashtra, 909 are from Mumbai alone. 53 new cases of corona were reported in Dharavi area of ​​Mumbai. The total number of corona patients in this slum area has now reached 1478. At the same time, 57 people have lost their lives due to Corona in Dharavi.

So far, in Delhi, the maximum number of corona infected patients has come up within 24 hours and 14 people have died. With this, the number of corona infected has increased to 12,319, while 208 people have died so far. The case of active case of infected is 6,214. At the same time, 5,897 people have been cured after treatment. He has been discharged from the hospital.

The corona virus havoc in Gujarat has not stopped. 363 new cases of covid-19 have been reported in the state on Friday. Of these, 257 cases have been reported from Ahmedabad. After which the number of infected in the state increased to 13,273. At the same time, the death toll reached 802 with 29 more deaths in the last 24 hours.

118 new patients were found in Bihar and two died. The figure has risen to 2105 and 11 people have lost their lives. Of these, 34 were infected in Madhubani, 19 in Katihar, 17 in Begusarai, 10 in Samastipur and 9 in Gopalganj. There are more than one thousand migrant laborers out of the total infected in the state. There have been six new cases in UP and the figure has increased to 5521. Currently there are 2173 active patients, while 3204 have been cured. 138 people have died due to infection in the state.

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