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Govt will behave like a mother, not a money lender: Rahul Gandhi

Govt will behave like a mother, not a money lender: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Amid the lockdown due to the ongoing Corona crisis in the country, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi discussed the subject with journalists from different states. On Saturday, Rahul Gandhi said that the government’s help should not be a loan packet. The money should go directly into the pockets of farmers and migrant laborers.

Rahul Gandhi said, ‘Migrant laborers on the road need money, not debt. When the child cries, the mother does not give him a loan, devises a solution to silence him, and treats him. The government will have to behave like a mother, not a money lender.

Rahul Gandhi said about the government’s decision, ‘It said that due to increasing fiscal deficit, India’s rating would reduce in the eyes of agencies. I think for the moment, think about India, not about grades. If all the people of India will be beautiful, then they will work together once again, and the rating will be fair automatically.

He said that we have to lift the lockdown wisely slowly. Because it is not the solution to all our problems. We have to think about taking the lockdown slowly, taking care of the elderly and children so that there is no danger to anyone.

If Rahul Gandhi were the Prime Minister, what would he do? In response to this question, Rahul Gandhi said that I am not the Prime Minister. But as the leader of the opposition will say that if any person leaves home and goes to another state, he goes in search of work. Therefore, the government should formulate a national strategy on the issue of employment.

Rahul said that according to me, the government should work in the three-term shot, mid and long term. Increase demand in a short time. Under this, you save small and medium traders of India. Give them employment. Please help financially. According to health, you should take care of those who are most at risk. At the same time, help small and medium business in the midterm. Hindustan gets 40 percent of the employment from these people, so their financial help should also give. Focus only on increasing employment in states like Bihar.

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