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Government has ‘unlocked’ oil prices: Rahul Gandhi

Government has ‘unlocked’ oil prices: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has been continuously attacking the government over the issue of Coronavirus-related epidemic Covid-19 and Indo-China tension. Today, he has also criticized the government for the ever increasing prices of petrol and diesel in the country.

Rahul on Wednesday tweeted that the government has unlocked the prices of petrol and diesel. His target was on the plan ‘Unlock1’, which was released to gradually open the economy after the government’s lockdown. Actually, oil marketing companies have been increasing the prices of oil for the last 18 days, after which diesel prices have become more expensive than petrol in the country till Wednesday.

Sharing a graph in his tweet, Rahul wrote that ‘Modi government has unlocked the Corona epidemic and petrol-diesel prices’. In the graph, he showed the steady increase in prices of petrol and diesel and the fast rising Covid-19 figures in Delhi.

There has been no change in petrol prices in the country on Wednesday, but diesel prices have been increased by 48 paise, after which petrol prices have been increased to Rs 79.76 per liter and diesel prices to Rs 79.88 per liter. This is the first time in the history of the country, when diesel is selling expensive than petrol. Earlier, Sonia Gandhi had written a letter to the Modi government in the past and protested against the ever-increasing oil prices.

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