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GDP turns flat instead of Corona cases

GDP turns flat instead of Corona cases

Rahul Gandhi to discuss economy with industrialist Rajiv Bajaj

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is constantly active amidst Corona crisis and is questioning the government’s steps. With this, a series has been started by Rahul Gandhi to discuss the economy, in which he is discussing with experts. Today in this episode, Rahul Gandhi spoke to Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto. This conversation is the basis of the fourth episode of Rahul Gandhi’s Corona crisis series.

During the conversation, Rahul Gandhi asked how is the situation here, in response to this, Bajaj said that there is a new environment for everyone. We are trying to get into it. Meanwhile a lot is happening with the business. Gandhi asked that no one thought that there would be lockdown in the whole world, it did not happen even during the time of World War. To this Rajiv Bajaj said that a very stringent lockdown has been imposed in India. This did not happen anywhere. Unlike us, many countries were allowed to move out.

During the discussion with Rahul Gandhi, Bajaj said that such a stringent lockdown was implemented in us, which had many loopholes and it spread the virus infection, but stopped the rest of the activities. In this way we did not solve the problem, rather it stalled the economy. We flat out the wrong graph. The graph of GDP turned flat, not the graph of corona-infected patients.

Rajiv Bajaj also said that people still think that infection means death. It is very difficult to overcome this fear. There should be a clear message from the PM because when they say something, people try to obey it.

The Congress leader said that there are some people who can deal with it, but there are crores of workers who have faced difficulties. In response, Bajaj said that India looked west. Whereas we should have adopted the practice of those countries of the past, which did better despite all the difficulties. I think we lacked facts. People think that this disease is like cancer. There is a need to change people’s thinking and get on track. This may take a long time.

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