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COVID-19: First positive case found in Delhi, 2 new cases in the country

New Delhi: The dreaded corona virus (COVID-19) has now reached the country’s capital Delhi. The first case of corona virus has been reported in Delhi. The Ministry of Health has given this information. Apart from this, a person from Telangana has also been found suffering from corona.

It was told that the patient who was found suffering from corona in Delhi came from Italy. The second person came from Dubai. Let me tell you that earlier 3 victims of Corona virus were reported in Kerala.

It was informed by the Ministry of Health that patients are being closely monitored after new cases emerge. At the moment both of them are stable. Earlier Indian nationals brought from China have been kept in the Manser Center, where they are being monitored. No one is allowed to meet these people. At the same time, thermal screening is being done at the airport for the passengers coming from abroad.

Recently 119 citizens of India were rescued by a ‘Diamond Princess’ cruise from Japan. After bringing all these people to India, they are taken directly to Manesar Center, where they are kept under the supervision of doctors. Let me tell you that due to all the measures, no person has died in India due to Corona yet. Let us tell you that three cases of corona have been reported in Kerala before this. However, the condition of these three is said to be stable at the moment. All these have been kept under the supervision of the team of doctors.

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    Rohan Verma
    March 2, 2020, 10:25 am

    Do not panic; if you spot any of the symptoms of the virus please see a doctor or call our helpline.

    – Harsh Vardhan, Minister for Health and Family Welfare.

    Coronavirus government helpline: +91-11-23978046

    e-mail helpline: ncov2019[at]gmail[dot]com


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