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China expressed concern over app restrictions

China expressed concern over app restrictions

New Delhi: China has expressed concern after the Indian government imposed a ban on 59 mobile apps related to China on Monday. The China Foreign Ministry has said that their country is extremely worried about this step and is assessing the situation. The government has banned 59 Chinese apps on Monday, giving a big blow to China. The government said in a statement on Monday that ‘on the basis of available information, these apps are engaged in activities that are dangerous to India’s sovereignty and integrity, security, security of the state and public order’.

There is a response from Chinese companies after the Chinese app was banned in India. Tittock said in his clarification that we do not share data with China in any way. Nikhil Gandhi, head of TikTok India, said, “We have been asked to respond and clarify with the concerned government stakeholders (stakeholders).” He clearly stated that Tiktok does not share any kind of information with the Chinese government.

At the same time, the e-commerce platform Club Factory said in its official statement that Club Factory strictly abides by all the regional rules and regulations and maintains high standards in terms of user data and privacy. We do not compromise on the safety and privacy of users.

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