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China creates mandarin symbol on the field between ‘Finger 4 and 5’

China creates mandarin symbol on the field between ‘Finger 4 and 5’

New Delhi: China has created a very big mandarin symbol and map of China on the plains surface near Pangong Lake in Ladakh. This symbol is made between ‘Finger 4’ and ‘Finger 5’. Its length is around 81 meters and width is around 25 meters. This mark is so big that it can be easily seen in the satellite image. Just this week, a picture of the overall commander of the Chinese army in Tibet, Wang Heijang, was seen in which he was seen painting the ‘China’ written on the very border along the Indo-China border.

In this area, ‘Fingers’ are called those areas with pointed rocks, which are spread along the Pangong Lake at a very high altitude. India believes that it has the right to petrol from Finger 1 to Finger 8. At the same time, China believes that it can do petrol from Finger 8 to Finger 4. Presently Finger 4 remains the standing point between the two countries. It was here that in May, there were skirmishes between the soldiers of the two countries, in which Chinese soldiers attacked Indian soldiers with spikes and wired rods and rods. A large number of Chinese Army is present in this Finger 4 area, which prevents the Indian Army from patrolling Finger 8.

The images from Planet Labs show how the Chinese Army is present on a large scale in the area where Indian soldiers are being interfered with petrol from China after the May clashes. In these skirmishes, a dozen Indian soldiers were feared injured. According to NDTV news, at least 186 shelters, different sized tents and pre-made huts are visible in the photographs. These structures go from Pangong Lake to the Chinese territory within eight kilometers from a peak. In Finger 5, a ghat-like place is seen near the lake, where two Chinese fast interceptor craft i.e. high-speed interceptor boats can be seen. On Finger 4, construction activities are seen happening on a large scale from the Chinese Army. However, there is no authentic evidence of movement of Chinese Army towards Indian Army’s position between Finger 1 and Finger 3.

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