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Students, tutors can now benefit from Private and Public Group studies on GuruQ’s newly upgraded website

India’s leading ed tech platform added a new feature to enhance accessibility

and  provide convenience to students and tutors

Chandigarh : Ed tech platform GuruQ India recently added a new feature for Group Study to its website to offer ease of convenience to students as well as tutors. GuruQ is India’s best digital integrated platform connecting tutors and students that aims to address the need for a single, simplified and cohesive ed-tech platform that provides online and offline tutoring.

The new feature of Group Study works in both the Online as well Offline mode of tuitions. Under this option, there are two types of classes. Students can opt for either a Private Group Class or a Public Group Class.

The Private Group Class feature is specially designed in a way that it can be created by both students as well as tutors in an easy manner. If tutors decide to create a private group for their students, then they can add all their current students to the group. For instance, a tutor is currently teaching 10 students on different time schedules. She decides that she wants to create a private group for three of those students so that she can teach them at one particular time – Now she can! All she has to do is create a private group by selecting those three students. A notification will then be sent to the students about the private group. The students can accept or reject the request depending on if the time and option is suitable to them. This allows tutors to be in control as once a tutor creates a Private Group, only he/she can schedule the time for the classes for the students he/she wants to teach.

Likewise, students also have the option creating a Private Group Class. If a student creates such a group class, then he/she can add any of his/her friends. The highlight here is that a student can add friends or classmates who may or may not be registered with GuruQ. If they are registered with GuruQ, then a notification will be sent to them. They can then use the dashboard to decide if they want to join or decline the request.

If they are not registered with GuruQ, then they will be sent a registration link as per the given information by the student who has created the group class. These non-registered students can then login with that information and decide if they wish to join or want to decline the request.

The Public Group Class is another convenient feature that has also been added recently. A Public Group Class can be created only by a tutor who can then schedule the classes. Tutors have the discretion of deciding which students they want in the class and can also remove students even after they have joined the groups. Students can join these public groups from Find the Right Tutor pages (FTRT) using the tuition-type filter on the website. FTRT is an advanced option on the website that was newly introduced last year. This option shows a vast listing of tutors based on their varied requirements like class, subject, Board, budget etc.

A tutor also gets to decide on his/her charges for both Private as well as Public Group Classes.

With the Private as well as Public Group Classes features, GuruQ is looking at creating a niche for itself in the ed-tech space. With the rapid proliferation of internet and technology, education is emerging as one of the hottest segments for revenue growth and GuruQ is garnering great response as one of the most preferred ed-tech platforms.

Talking about the new set of upgrades in the website, Ms. Minal Anand, CEO & Founder, GuruQ said, “As more students are discovering educational content through an app or an online course, it is time to prepare for the next wave in India’s educational landscape. In the race to market a tutoring business and reap advantage of the growing online tutoring market in India, we are ready to showcase our expertise through some new and advanced features that offer ease and convenience to both students and tutors. We already had some major upgrades in our website last year. Since the upgrades were scheduled to be in a phased manner, this new feature of Public and Private Group Study is introduced now. This feature will go a long way in improving the learning and teaching experience for students and tutors. GuruQ also has lots of additional features in the pipeline that will be launched soon!”

Last year, GuruQ had added several new features to its website while upgrading the existing features to offer ease of convenience to students as well as tutors. It had introduced a five-step vetting procedure as a sure-shot way of ensuring that only the most qualified and safe tutors are a part of the ed tech platform’s sterling team. The website also came up with an upgraded option for tutors to offer Online and Offline customization. This feature allowed students to create a customized package for themselves as per the availability of tutors. Another new feature was the Instant Class option that is apt for when students have queries or doubts.

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