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Online class students will have to come back from America

Online class students will have to come back from America

Washington: The US has said that it will not allow foreign students whose classes have shifted online in the midst of the Corona virus crisis. According to a report, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said that such students would not be admitted on student visas in the US.

“Non-immigrant F-1 and M-1 students who are taking a completely online class cannot live in the United States,” said the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

On behalf of the US, the current external students in America and taking online courses should immediately go out of the country. America has said that if they do not do so, then students may have to bear the consequences.

The ICE said, the visa department no longer issues visas for students whose enrollment is in the course / school that is offering online courses for the entire semester. Also, US Customs and Border Protection will not issue any permits for such students. ‘

According to ICE, F-1 students are involved in academic coursework while M-1 students do ‘vocational coursework’. However, most colleges and universities in the US have not yet announced any plans for their next semester.

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