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  • Is Trump using racism for his political benefit

    Is Trump using racism for his political benefit0

    Ubaidullah Nasir Whole of America is up in arms against the brutal murder of an African American George Floyd by the hands of a white policeman Derik Chauvin. The protest against this beastly act of white policeman crossed all barriers of race ethnicity and colour, whites joined hands with blacks so much so that wife

  • Dilemma of SP & BSP in UP politics

    Dilemma of SP & BSP in UP politics0

    Ubaidullah Nasir The skipping of opposition conclave called by Congress president Sonia Gandhi by SP, BSP and AAP may have surprised many but those aware of the politics of these parties and those who have been observing the political activities of these parties are convinced that this was but natural. AAP which has defeated BJP

  • Sunshine Sundays With Anushree

    Sunshine Sundays With Anushree2

    An act of #charity Corona times have been a game changer. Novel Covid 19 has made underdog, sanitizer and his not so underdog friend, hand wash the king of products. It has transformed mask, from a hardly used commodity to an essential face accessory. Corona has made clear skies and birds in it the new