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Trump promises to relax business rules

New Delhi: US President Donald Trump on Tuesday promised to curb and reduce the laws on trade in his country. The Trump government wants to attract more global investment to accelerate the US economy.

He said in the meeting of entrepreneurs here on the second day of his visit to India that a trade agreement with India is being worked out. However he did not share any details about it. Regarding the visit to India, the President said, “It is an honor for me to come here.” We have talked a lot about trade with India. They will buy a helicopter worth $ 3 billion from us. “

Regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said, “He is a tough leader but he is also a good man.” Trump said, “We created jobs here, they created jobs there (America).” He said that governments can only help in job creation and that is private industry which actually provides jobs.

Regarding regulation in the US, Trump said some regulations are to be removed from the statutory process but his government is committed to reducing the number of rules and regulations. He said that he is going to win the US presidential election, this will lead to a market boom. Trump said his government had done a lot for the economy, health and military sectors.

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