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Trump fears trade deal with India

New Delhi: During US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, there is a cloud of apprehension over trade deal with America. US President Donald Trump has expressed apprehension over a trade deal with India.

Trump said he wanted to make a big trade deal with India, but he did not know whether it would be possible before the US election.

On the business relationship between India and American, Trump said that India has not treated us well. But he praised PM Modi and said that he had high hopes from his visit to India. He likes them very much.

US President Trump is visiting India on 24 February. It was believed that a major bilateral agreement could be signed between the US and India during this period.

When Trump was asked a question about this, he said, ‘We want to have a very big trade agreement with India. We will do this I don’t know if it will be possible before the US election. But we are going to do a big trade deal with India. According to sources, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is not coming to visit the Indian President with the Indian President. However, the authorities have not completely rejected it.

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