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Reliance Jio no longer free, will take money from customers for calling

New Delhi. Reliance Jio (Jio) is being forced to charge termination fee. 6 paise per minute interconnect usage charge (IUC) will have to be paid on calls made from Jio network to other operators’ networks. Jio has said that it will charge 6 paise per minute from customers, but in return it will give this much free data. IUC is the amount paid by one mobile telecom operator to another.

Jio will charge 6 paisa per minute from customers

From today on all recharges made by Jio customers, calls made to other mobile operators will be charged through the IUC top-up voucher at the current IUC rate of 6 paise per minute. Unless TRAI implements zero termination charge regime. The date is currently 1 January 2020. Now you have to pay the charge for making calls from Jio on Airtel, Vodafone or other networks

No charge here

  • live to live call
  • On all incoming calls
  • On a landline call from Jio
  • Calls made using WhatsApp or FaceTime and similar platforms.

What is IUC

When customers of one telecom operator make outgoing mobile calls to customers of another operator, the IUC has to pay the calling operator. These calls between two different networks are known as mobile off-net calls. The IUC charges are set by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and currently it is 6 paise per minute.

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