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Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit: a good option to invest monthly and increase savings

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit: a good option to invest monthly and increase savings

Due to the current economic conditions in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, being cautious about finances is utmost important.

Keeping your money idle in savings account will not help much to fight off inflation and hence, you need to invest monthly a small portion of your income.

Investing in Fixed Deposit offered by Bajaj Finance Ltd. (BFL), the lending and investment arm of Bajaj Finserv is considered to be one of the rewarding and safest options in today’s crisis times.

Investing a part of your regular income in this FD can fetch you assured returns of up to 7.85%.

You might be unaware but Bajaj Finance has the highest ratings of FAAA by CRISIL and MAAA by ICRA. It means the company provides highest safety to the money invested by the depositors.

Bajaj Finance has a client base of over 2 lakhs of happy FD customers and a deposit book of more than Rs. 20,000 crores. This shows that investing in Bajaj Finance FD is the most trusted option.

With the growing number of banks and financers reducing their interest rates to as low as 3-4%, Bajaj Finance FD’s new customers can earn attractive returns up to 7.60%, which can go up to 7.85% for senior citizens. Know more about the FD interest rates of Bajaj Finance.

Thinking of where to visit the office of Bajaj Finance to open the fixed deposit? Well, in the coronavirus crisis, you need not travel anywhere. You can simply open the fixed deposit at the convenient of your home by opting for Bajaj Finance online FD. This is the most hassle-free and paperless process. You can even check the FD interest rate calculator before finalizing the fixed deposit amount and tenure.

Not only is Bajaj Finance FD a promising and most reliable instrument, but in case of emergencies, Bajaj Finance allows investors to liquidate their savings prematurely, after completion of the 3-month lock-in period.

To know more about the fixed deposit options and interest rates, you can check https://www.bajajfinserv.in

By Sahana Iyer

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