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Women’s Day Special: Interview with supermodel Maushmi Udeshi

By – Rahul Pokhriyal

We believe every woman is successful. Success and growth are personal aspects of everyone’s lives, including women. As Women’s Day 2020 is approaching, we had a chat with Maushmi Udeshi, who is a famous Indian model, known for her work as the Nescafe Girl! She is also loved by the masses for her music videos ‘Noorie’ and ‘Neele Neele Ambar’.

1) What inspired you to get into acting career?
 I was born with this dream of becoming an Actress but didn’t have so much confidence on my looks till I got my 1st break Nescafe. Even as a kid I had this only dream to be in front of the camera and act & dance so I learnt Bharatnatyam dance for 7 yrs. Loved watching movies & listening to music. In my growing up years Madhuri Dixit was my favorite & my ideal idol and loved way she was. Also actress Rekha till some extent. But since I don’t come from film background, I had to be a little famous as a Model 1st, make a Showreel & have some professionally done technically sound work in my showreel 1st to show to the Filmmakers.

2) What is the one thing you love and one thing you dislike about your profession?
: I love everything about this profession from fame/attention to playing different characters that i can’t be in real life, wearing different clothes and putting on make-up.
Dislike: Never ending Struggle especially because I don’t come from film family, exploitation on females and unfair decision making. 

3) If not acting / modelling, what profession would you choose to occupy?
Don’t know anything else apart from what I have been doing since the age of 13 that is Modelling and then Acting. 

4) If you had a magic wand, which television show would you like to be a part of?
 I don’t watch TV Shows at all except a reality show Bigg Boss which I only enjoy as an audience but will never be comfortable in it as a contestant. 

5) Your advice for aspiring artists?
If you are from film background then you won’t need my advice & you will get work without getting exploited. If not then Come in this profession only if you are extremely rich to launch yourself by investing Lakhs and Crores apart from having basic talent and screen presence of course and if you are not rich then step in only if you have never-ending patience coz if you think you will get work b’coz you are Talented and beautiful then you are totally mistaken. Also if you are a female and if you think that by sleeping around you will get work then again you are mistaken coz here 90% are ready to get exploited but only 1% out that 90% actually makes it big or gets breaks as promised, rest are all used & abused and are nowhere & they get into depression, commit suicide or become small time roadside prostitutes and then they cannot even go back to their home-towns. This is the scenario I mentioned the way it is frankly coz that’s what you can always expect from me. Straight forwardness with zero pretence whether you like it or not coz the reality won’t change. If you want me to fake it like many others then I would show a rosy picture of our Industry which is a total contrast to the reality.


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  • Avatar
    Maushmi Udeshi
    March 6, 2020, 5:36 pm

    Thank u so much Rahul Pokhriyal for this lovely Interview on this Prestigious Portal. Appreciate your kind support and thanks to the hardworking team of BuzinessBytes. I wish u all the very best. U guys have a bright future 👍😊 -Maushmi Udeshi.

  • Avatar
    March 7, 2020, 1:47 pm

    Awesome interview and so true.. This is the harsh reality of our industry which nobody wants to talk abt.. Ppl actually show fake rosy picture of our industry.. So proud of u to be so upfront and talk abt the harsh reality.. Becoming a star is not a big thing.. Inspite of all odds u hv made it big ur way on ur terms with ur hard work and dedication is what matters.. All the best to u.. Cheers.. 🙂


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