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“When the North Pole meet the Centre”

By: Prafullit Saxena

Article 370, the one which always acts as a hurdle in the proper unification of ‘Kashmiri Youth’ with India. It came in action in 1954, with a backdate sign of 1944, which reflected the ill mindset of our political leaders.

Article 370, gave the special status to Jammu & Kashmir and which was totally Temporary, Transitional and Special province. Last week, it was revoked by Indian Government, in one of the darest decision of Independent India. Reactions, as expected started coming from both outside and within the country. Some were very positive and taking this step of government in progressive way but on the other hand many negative thoughts also came which were totally against the decision.

Revoking Article 370 will allow the centre to declare emergency in the state except in case of a war. Previously, the Union Government needs the concurrence of the State Government, to even impose financial emergency.

Article 370 was illegally used by many political parties which did nothing good for Jammu & Kashmir. It only decelerated the economy growth. Revoking will allow the investment and will create the Job opportunity for Youth. It will allow the Central Government to see directly into the matter related to Jammu & Kashmir.

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