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Sunshine Sundays With Anushree

Sunshine Sundays With Anushree

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“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, is a common saying that all of us learn in our early school days. Sadly, it’s the meaning of this phrase that most of us fail to learn all our life. Had it not been so, the world wouldn’t have gone preaching their daughters that the eyes of beholder consider only fair skin as beautiful. Had it not been so, it wouldn’t have taken 45 years for people to realize that the very name ‘fair and lovely‘ is faulty and misogynist .

The thought of confining the vastness of a woman’s personality merely to her external appearance and then further binding appearance by the parameters of a particular color chosen as ‘beautiful’, itself speaks loud about how much we are missing on.

It’s like claiming ‘red rose’ to be the sole beautiful flower. Hence all other flowers, if they want to be valued should try all their life to transform into rose, that too of red color. 

The market of fairness products in India is huge. And as we all know marketing works on the simple principle of tapping onto the underlying fears, desires and insecurities of people. Magnifying them further with ads and promotions to an extent that people start feeling unconfident and become desperate for an alternative. The company then presents their product or service as a solution. In a county which has brown as its predominant skin color, creating the ideology of ‘absolute fairness’ as the sole beauty parameter meant great business opportunity. And for years people held on to this bait, believing that fairness creme companies were their saviors. Hardly realizing that these very companies play a major part in creating their problems. The more miserable women feel about their complexion, the more their business flourishes.

A number of ancient Indian paintings fearlessly depict queens and goddesses in brown skin rather than changing their color to white, for acceptance and appreciation. This very fact proves that Indians in ancient times were not as obsessed with fair skin as we are today. Today even the mobile phones come with camera options that automatically changes one’s skin tone.

A tiny machine programmed to believe that if it shows people their true appearance they won’t be impressed!

The damage created in one’s life and personality by such thoughts is unalterable. The feeling of inferiority which is sowed in a child by family and relatives at a tender age often has devastating and lifelong effects. Moreover, if the thought process is not altered, in majority of the cases the damage is transferred to the next generation as well. Tracking the origin of this fallacy is next to impossible but stopping it to contaminate our society any further is. Aware of its repercussions, it becomes our responsibility to bring an end to it as early as possible.

Here is a list of important points that everyone should always remember –

– People who demand your skin to be fair in order to love and value you are the ones you should filter out of your life. As the ones who will truly love and respect you will do that irrespective of your color or appearance, even when you are in your 90s and your skin is wrinkled.

-Unlike they show in ads, one doesn’t becomes successful overnight just by applying a fairness cream. Right education, hard work and capability are needed for that.

Black, brown, fair, freckled, tanned or any other way. You are just BEAUTIFUL!  

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