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INVINCIBLE – Women’s Day Special

INVINCIBLE – Women’s Day Special
  • I dream of a world where the word ‘weaker sex’ doesn’t exists.
  • I dream of a nation where male and female education ratio is at par.
  • I dream of a home where girl child is not considered a liability.
  • And I believe, together we can make this dream come true.

To leave luxuries of a palace and accompany her husband to the deep dark woods was solely Sita’s decision. No one forced her, no one thought it to be her responsibility either. She willingly made this sacrifice for the one she loved. As a result, our holy scriptures and songs never fall short of praising her and her sacrifice.

For ages women willingly made several sacrifices for their families.  Then someday something drastically went wrong and a time arrived when the word ‘willingly’ was simply erased from women’s dictionary. Leaving them just stuck with the word ‘sacrifice’, and absolutely no one bothered if they even wanted to make them. Rather than a choice sacrifice became a part of their gender’s job profile. 

With this new amendment, several things became self-explanatory to society. Like it became very clear that if there is just one slice of bread at home, it belongs to the male member. If the family can afford education and health facilities of only one child, then the son will be entitled to it, not the daughter. 

It became well understood that if a child is to be raised well then it will be the mother who will give up her career for that, and so on. After that time no matter how much women endured, what all they sacrificed to keep their family running, unlike Sita there were no praises sung for them, no stories written. As to the world, they were just fulfilling their duty. Where did it all go so wrong? How did the concepts of male and female rights get so distorted? Am I the only one who never come across the part where God tells Adam that Eve was born to be treated inferior or where Shiva tell Shakti that her identity to the world will merely be limited to being his obedient wife and Ganesha’s doting mother.

Several women organizations around the world, as well as in India are fighting for women rights today. Educated families are standing against gender biases. We have come a long way from the days of child marriage and Sati yet we have a long way to go. Situations will definitely improve but constant efforts will be required. Every woman should consider it her responsibility to empower and support other women. Let us, women create an environment so supportive and strong that if any woman is wronged, she is not afraid to raise her voice. Let us all stand together. It is time for the world to realize that emotions and endurance don’t make a woman weak, they simply make her invincible!

The article is contributed by Anushree Painuly (author, actor and spiritual healer)

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1 Comment

  • Avatar
    March 9, 2020, 9:04 am

    Today we are writing, reading and discussing about such topics which weren’t even considered important a few years back.This is a proof in itself that the world is changing.


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