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Instead of blame game government must satisfy public doubts

Instead of blame game government must satisfy public doubts

Ubaidullah Nasir  

Ubaidullah Nasir  

Unfortunately our nation is facing worst crisis of its time. Never since independence India has faced such difficult days that it is facing today. Our economy is in doldrums, our borders are unsecured, our social fabric is torn apart, our nation is isolated in neighborhood and our political discourse has gone to gutter level. Our present day rulers have wonderful capacity of diverting public attention from real issues. They have great capacity of fixing political agenda and are expert in setting the tone of public discourse. For them nothing is more important than winning the elections and forming the governments by hook or crook and increasing TRP in TV debates. They always follow the policy of offence is the best defence so no hold bar and unsubstantiated allegations on opposition leaders particularly Congress and more particularly on Nehru Gandhi family. Every question asked from this government is branded anti national and those asking questions are branded as agent of enemy country. Pakistan has been their time tested ally in this blame game but now China has occupied that prime position sending even Pakistan to back bench.

There is nothing new in China’s deception or expansionism. So what they did at LAC is nothing new and how did they back stabbed Narendra Modi is not surprising they have just repeated what they did with Pandit Nehru in sixties what is surprising is that inspite of several warnings by opposition leaders including former defence Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav Modi ji blindly trusted Chinese leadership considering Jinping as his personal friend and giving him the reception that was uncalled for. One fails to understand why such “tamasha” and burden of billions on public exchequer to receive a foreign head of state. Be it Chinese or American president, they should have been given due protocol including 21 gun salutes at Rashtrpati Bhavan as is done with other head of states. Every nation of international community is equal and so are their heads of states.

China’s mischief at LAC has altered the situation dramatically. Friends of yesterdays are enemy of today. There is no denying the fact Chinese have caught us napping and have intruded in our territory in Doklam  Galvan and even in Ladakh. They brutally martyred our 20 brave hearts though our soldiers gave them befitting reply and more Chinese troops are said to be killed in this duel but their real figure is not known as Chinese will never accept it and Indian army has told nothing officially on this issue. What we know is told to us by Indian media which has now been branded as Godi media due to its surrender to Modi government. Problem inside country has arisen because the government is hiding more than it is revealing conveniently forgetting that in this era of information technology hiding facts is next to impossible. The nation simply wants to know the extent of Chinese intrusion in our territory Prime Minister first told the nation that there has been no intrusion and no Indian post is occupied by Chinese but when it was contested clarification came from PMO telling us that the PM has told an old position. No PM is expected to tell its people the old situation, if it is accepted PM should have told the public the current situation but it has never been told. Congress specially Rahul Gandhi has asked the simple question” let us know the real position at LAC’? Instead of taking the nation into confidence and satisfying opposition Modi government Godi media and ruling party spokespersons and so called “Bhakts” started counter attack on Congress/opposition and particularly on Nehru Gandhi family blaming them of speaking in China’s voice and accepting donations from them for their NGO the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF). Not only this they are also reminding how Chinese have defeated India in 1962 forgetting what India was in 1962 and what India is in 2020.By again and again reminding defeat of 1962 are not they demoralizing our military why they don’t talk of 1967 when Indian troops gave befitting reply to China killing more than 300 Chinese soldier or of 1965,1971,war and war of Kargil fought during their own party government of Atal ji. They are talking of Auxi Chin but not of annexing Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh during Indira G and Rajiv G period.

Modi ji Shah ji and BJP supporters conveniently forget that when you point one accusing finger towards other four of remaining finger points towards you. When you started talking of RGF accepting donation from China details started pouring in on social media how much donation has come from Chinese companies to “PM care fund. Questions are being naturally asked that RGF is a registered NGO and registered with FCRA thus have every right to receive foreign donations, its account is properly maintained and submitted to concerned authorities, but is it true to RSS also ? Is RSS a registered body including with FCRA? do it properly maintain its account and submit it to concerned authorities? The reply is a big NO. Is it not surprising and creates doubts in commoner’s mind that the government is hiding truth from public instead of answering properly and satisfying “Janta janardan” it has started blame game bringing political discourse to lowest not a good sign for our democracy whose life line is asking questions.    

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