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Fear and revenge is guiding Mayawati’s policy in Rajasthan

Fear and revenge is guiding Mayawati’s policy in Rajasthan

Emergence of Congress is a threat to all major players in UP.

Ubaidullah Nasir

Ubaidullah Nasir

In the high voltage political drama of Rajasthan Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati has suddenly entered as a joker issuing whip to her earstwhile party MLAs to vote against Congress government during voting on confidence motion. In last assembly election six candidates were elected on BSP ticket but all of them merged their legislature party with Congress. At that time Mayawati only issued a condemnation letter against these MLAs and blamed Congress of horse trading. But since entire legislature party was merged constitutional experts are/were of the opinion that it did not invite action under anti defection law. Assembly speaker PC Joshi had approved the merger and the chapter was closed then. Mayawati did not made any representation before speaker seeking any action against her earstwhile legislature and the chapter was closed.

After new political development in state BJP suddenly moved High Court praying for dismissal of these legislature under anti defection law and nullify the merger. How could leader or worker of any other party could move such an application what locus standi do they have is a million dollar question. But in today’s India anything is possible. However, after few days BSP second in command Satish Chandra Mishra issued the whip for these legislature and also became a party in the application moved by BJP leader before the high court regarding nullification of that merger and dismissal of legislature. This application has been rejected by the High Court and according to informations BJP has moved review petition. BJP moved the court hoping that if the legislatures are disqualified the strength of the house will come down. Congress which at present enjoys majority in the house even if 18 legislatures supporting Sachin Pilot votes against their party and with BJP, is in comfortable position but if earstwhile BSP legislature are disqualified Congress government will be in trouble.

Mayawati like Nitish Kumar and Ajit Singh is one of the most unpredictable politician. True to her mentor late Kanshi Ram’s announcement “I am master opportunist” Mayawati for sake of power has never hesitated in making and breaking alliances. In Uttar Pradesh she has joined hands with all political party Congress SP and BJP and after elections are over broke them blaming that “I have transferred my votes to alliance partner but their votes were not transferred to us thus putting us in loss.” This has been her pet response after breaking alliances.

Though Mayawati has entered in alliance with BJP in forming the government in UP she even went to Gujarat to campaign for Narendra Modi when even his name was a taboo for politicians of secular parties,so her present moves hardly surprise political observers but what has surprised these observers is her blind and blatant support to the policies of Narendra Modi government including supporting the government in Lok Sabha during voting on Kashmir issue. For this two main reasons are being discussed in political and journalistic circle of UP. One her dwindling political base two her and her brother’s legal troubles due to certain corruption cases. She knows that if she is not keeping Modi Shah duo in good mood ED Income Tax deptt. and CBI may make her and her brother’s life hell. This is also a threat before Mulayam Singh Yadav and that is why both these leaders and their party are not so vocal against BJP government at the centre and UP.

But this is only one side of the story the other side is that both Maya and Mulayam are worried with the rise of Congress from the ashes. Maya’s vote bank consists of mostly Dalits a chunk of Muslim and Brahmin votes. Mulayam’s or his Samajwadi Party’s political fortune solely depends on solid Muslim and Yadav vote bank. This time Congress under the charismatic leadership of Ms Priyanka Gandhi and fighting spirit of its state President Ajay Kumar Lallu is fastly emerging as a choice among masses. After its pathetic performance during parliamentary elections Congress was not being even discussed among political observers, but with in a year it is considered front runner and a direct challenge to ruling BSP in the forthcoming assembly elections. Congress is working to get back its core vote bank of Brahmins Muslims and Dalits. This has disturbed all three major players of UP,but Mayawati is more disturbed as her vote bank has been shrinking gradually except a particular section of SC/ST and Muslim voters most of her voters have shifted to BJP if Congress succeeded in its efforts then applecart of all the three parties will be disturbed thus Congress has become their common enemy and it is the main reason of Maya’s opposition to Congress in Rajasthan.

Here the major question is of what use Mayawati may be to BJP. Gone are the days when every political party particularly BJP in UP was willing to align with BSP but now the story has completely changed .BJP is playing on strong wicket. It has full confidence in its core agenda of aggressive Hindutva and Rashtravad it no more needs so called transferable and solid vote bank of BSP. Samajwadi party too had learnt a lesson from last parliamentary election and so will not ride the elephant. Congress realizes that major factor of its misfortune in UP has been its frequest alliance with SP and BSP and has decided “Ekla Chalo” its cadre is in high spirit this time they will oppose any alliance with any party in forthcoming assembly elections. This time UP is going to witness four corner assembly election and Mayawati seems to be in worst political situation of her political career.

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