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The Yoga Institute wins Prime Minister’s Award for Outstanding  Contribution to Yoga
Honble PM Shri Narendra Modi presents the award to Smt Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra in Delhi PM says award is ‘a testament to the… vision of its founders’ New Delhi: Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has felicitated The Yoga Institute, Mumbai with the Prime Minister’s Award for... Read more
Get a Loan Against Property in Just 4 Days with Bajaj Housing Finance Limited
Pune : Over generations, residential or commercial properties have been considered as one of the safest appreciating assets. It is not unheard of, that investments have been made in properties not only with the intention of a higher return on investment, but also as a safety net in times... Read more
कर्ज का एकीकरण करने हेतु एक खास पर्सनल लोन- बजाज फिनसर्व
पुणे : क्रेडिट कार्डों और फाइनेंसिंग के आसान विकल्पों वाले इस दौर में लोगों के लिए अपनी जरूरतों और इच्छाओं की पूर्ति करना बड़ा सुविधाजनक हो गया है। स्मार्टफोन से लेकर टेलीविजन, रेफ्रिजरेटर, डिजाइनर कपड़े, विदेश यात्रा, कार और भी बहुत कुछ- इन सभी चीजों को लोग इंस्टैंट लोन... Read more
Perils of breaking your FD before maturity
Pune, Maharashtra: Making a premature withdrawal from your fixed deposit may seem to be the best option when you need quick funding for a short period, be it to pay for an unplanned medical treatment or undertake urgent home repair work. However, a premature withdrawal has certain negative consequences,... Read more
My new TV show “Win Dangal ke Soorma” launching today on DSport – Ushma Tyagi
First ever show with Indian Pro-Wrestlers fighting International Challengers “WIN DANGAL KE SOORMA” on DSPORT (A Discovery Channel) is going to launch today i.e., 24th August at 9PM. Anchor Ushma Tyagi said” She is proud to be the series Anchor of the show. The show will take the audience... Read more
बजाज फिनसर्व लाइफकेयर फाइनेंस आसान ईएमआई पर 200 से अधिक उपचार प्रदान करता है
पुणे : भारत में स्वास्थ्य और कल्याण के प्रति दृष्टिकोण ने पिछले 5 वर्षों में एक मिसालपूर्ण बदलाव देखा गया है। अब अपने स्वास्थ्य या जीवन के तरीके का ख्याल रखना सिर्फ सालाना चिकित्सीय जाँचों या नियमित व्यायामों तक ही सीमित नहीं रह गया है। शहरी भारतीय जीवन शैली... Read more
JK’s new product to make Kolkata’s Mishiti better
Good quality dairy based products are essential for healthy society” Keeping this thought Umang Dairies Limited, a member unit of JK Organisation, today announced the launch of J.K. Dairy TOP Premium SMP (skimmed milk powder) in Kolkata and adjoining markets. The company announced that the J.K. Dairy TOP Premium... Read more
Prabha Khaitan Foundation 500‘ lit event celebrations draws performing art and literature bodies to Kolkata
Kolkata: Litterateurs and bigwigs representing some of India’s most active literary and cultural organizations from more than 25 cities converged on Kolkata today for a two-day meet organized by Prabha Khaitan Foundation to share their experiences and expertise to evolve ways and means to give more teeth to literary... Read more
Taiwan Excellence’s trailblazing products engage youth at Malhar 2019
Taiwan Excellence continued its electrifying initiative to connect with India’s youth and give them the chance to experience the best of technology. For the second consecutive year, the Taiwan Excellence joined hands with the prestigious Malhar festival hosted by St Xavier’s College from August 15 to 17. One of... Read more
पूर्व-अनुमोदित ऑफर है, तो आप 25 लाख रुपए तक का पर्सनल लोन प्राप्त कर सकते हैं
आपकी आपाधापी वाली जीवनशैली के साथ कदमताल करने और सभी पसंदीदा चीजों तक आपकी पहुंच बनाने के साधन उपलब्ध कराने हेतु वित्तीय संस्थान आजकल लोन और अन्य वित्तीय उत्पादों पर पूर्व-अनुमोदित ऑफर की पेशकश करते हैं। यह नई पेशकश लोन की आवेदन प्रक्रिया को सरल बनाती है क्योंकि सही किस्म के लोन... Read more