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  • SBI will grant special loan to corona hit borrowers0

    Mumbai: The country’s largest state-run State Bank of India (SBI) has prepared a scheme for additional funding to businessmen affected by the corona virus. The Covid-19 Emergency Credit Line (CECL) will remain in force till June 30 and will be equivalent to 10% of the capital limit. Under this, a maximum loan of 200 crores

  • Maharashtra government shifted account from Axis to SBI0

    Mumbai: In a major step, the Shiv Sena-led government in Maharashtra closed its account with Axis Bank on Wednesday. The government closed the account at Axis and shifted it to SBI. The state government’s National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Projects bank account was with Axis Bank and now it has been transferred to SBI. The Maharashtra

  • SBI removes minimum balance requirement on savings account0

    The State Bank of India on Wednesday announced the elimination of the minimum balance requirement in savings accounts. The bank has said that now there is no need for all savings account holders to keep minimum balance in their account. Along with this, SBI reduced the annual interest rate on savings accounts to three percent.