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Friendship day is a day dedicated to the bunch of special people called FRIENDS. This day is celebrated every year on first Sunday of... Friends are the treasure of Relations with full of Joy, happiness, fight & Sorrow

Friendship day is a day dedicated to the bunch of special people called FRIENDS. This day is celebrated every year on first Sunday of August month. Friends are the special people to whom we choose by own will. Blood relations are made by god but to friends we choose ourselves.

With your friends you can share your most embarrassing secrets and do craziest things together.He or she is always there for you.Have you just broken up with your boyfriend/ girlfriend? Facing some problems in life? Not happy with your life? Don’t worry, Your medicine of happiness, your bestie is always their for you and already knows how to cheer you up. Your bestie is just a call away, call n forget all your problems.

So here are some special people to share there feelings n memories of Friendship Day

Varasha Kalosiya

Friendships are among the most important relationships you’ll have in your life. Many of your favourite memories probably include times you’ve spent with friends. Friendship is a relation of give and take. Everybody wants good friendship but nobody is ready to give good friendship. That is why now a days friendship has become only selfish motto either it is a selfless motto. Having a good friend is fortunate but being a good friend is more fortunate and more happiness For a long lasting friendship you need lots of patience. Patience doesn’t means sacrificing of self and self respect. Patience means to ignore many things because in whole day what we do is intentionally and many times unintentionally. Patience is the key of true friendship. friendship is the only thing in which you can share your every secret. 
Love is the best quality. Where there is love, forgiveness makes its place forcibly. We make lots of mistake, God forgives us because he loves us. Our parents forgives our mistakes because of love. So love is must in not only true friendship but also in every relation.Secondly life is an echo what you give is what you get. When you give your best in true friendship then you yourself never feel alone. We lack in many things because we expect first and then wait to give. This is wrong first learn to give and then expect.True friend must have the quality of motivating. Life is a journey full of happiness and challenges.
Everybody wants one to be motivated and cheer up. So learn to motivate your friends show them their qualities, their potential and their possibilities. Show them you are always there for them and be there always.Whatever happens good time bad time, ups and downs in life, rich or poor, no caste system nothing comes into your friendship. If something comes in between then that is not true friendship. Check yourself where you lack in being a true friend.

Akash Srivastava

Friends are always been like a lifeline to me.They are the best thing that ever happened to me. I have a group of friends and we do everything together. They are my partner in crime, we do craziest thing together and never leave anyone in any situation. Whether the situation is good or bad we stand with each other every time. Only wish to be the same as we are in present time. We try to all problems together and by simply saying about the issue. No back bitching is required we we can solve things like this, space is required in every relationship and we equally understand that. Always wish to be together and celebrate this special day with them..

Hemlata Harode:

Friends are very special for everyone as i can share each n everything to my friend, my happiest moment and saddest one also of my life. Friends are always their when you are in need. They totally understand our feelings and what actually I want. I am very fortunate to have best people ever in my life. Usually people gets upset that they are not with their friends on this special day, but today also I feel so good because I have best and precious memories of my awesome friends, No body can replace them. My School, College, hostel life is nothing without you guys. I love all my friends and just wish we can go together at any hill station and enjoy to the fullest. Want to party again like we use to do before. Wish to live that life ones more. “Life is always about finding people who are your kind of crazy” And when you get same mental level people then my friend you got the most precious thing of your life and you have no chance to loose them. That is very special feeling when you get your loved ones.

Prafullit saxena

Friendship,word which signifies the glory of life. It’s not only a word it’s actually life. Starts with the mutual sharing and caring of thoughts,cemented with the emotions of care,and a never ending psychological development.
It develops on the base of honesty,trust,and the emotions.It is the basis of building the intellectual skills.The understanding of friendship in children tends to be more heavily focused on areas such as common activities, physical proximity, and shared expectations. These friendships provide opportunity for playing and practicing self-regulation. Walking alone is never a good treat walking beyond is the level u need to achieve u can’t achieve the height on your own that’s why these friends are born.

Divyanshi Shukla

Friendship is the only relation where after and before ups and downs both live with so much of fun and carries their life to the fullest potential . Friendship is a miracle because it tells each other about their strength and hidden weakness of the personality it can tell about what are the exact meaning of dreams , goals and how to complete that goal while keeping a smile on face . It tells how to do not bother about everyone and do what your heart says . It is relation which is only took place from communication and spending time together by understanding the silly talks and some nurture their life . Friendship has already set examples of many people if we talk about entertainment industry , sports , corporate , and social world which has put the benchmark to cross over the disaster and treat victory by acheivements .

Now will come to the point where friendship has totally changed the meaning nowadays people enjoy by going lavish places and spending hours and hours as it is the world demands but while engaging they are interanlly somewhere lost their own self . Relations are build to create memories not setting the off shore environment .

Nitish Kumar:

As like every friendship day, this friendship also m missing my friends alot. When I was in India I use to plan a get-together with my friends. On this day I use to make sure to contact all my friends with whom I wasn’t in regular contact. Because we can daily meet the friends who are working together or are in same college or organization but for me this day was to celebrate with friends. With old friends we generally not meet regularly so this was the best day to plan a get-together for all my friends. And the moment when these friend meet each other really its amazing for half hour we just say hi hello then we start rembering those silly things which we use to do in school or when we play together with neighbour friends.And after the party finished we promise each other that one day we will meet but no one meet its not because we don’t want to meet but it’s because we are now busy earning money, n have responsibilities of family and forgetting our childhood😔. Now in Dubai it’s more about job and room. Heart is in India.

“True friends are never apart may be in distance but not in heart “- In this digital world we are only connected through our cell phones. Calls, Message & vedio calling helps in staying connected to each other but if we tag each other on social sites that too means a lot for us at present time. But there are some friends whom we can’t tag on social media which are hidden somewhere but still they are also somewhere in our heart or in mind because once a friend always a friend. Friendship day is not about meeting friends its all about celebrating anniversary of old memories of childhood.

Roshni Balke

My friendship starts from my home. My best friend is my mother and my brother. I share everything with them whatever I like. My college and school friends are just my life. They fill my life with happiness. Friends are like blessings and with them you can be naturally happy, can be like the way you are. No fakeness or any kind of formal gesture is required.

I always wait for the friendship day and start planning for it a week before. We select friendship bands for our friends. Post lots of selfie’s on Social media. Plan a get-together.This is the way we celebrate our day with full of masti and joy.

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