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In present time almost all cry for No saving in month end, and most of them thing its next to impossible to save money... Don’t cry in Month end for No Saving, Just avoid these things we spend our salary on!!

In present time almost all cry for No saving in month end, and most of them thing its next to impossible to save money from the salary they get. But the Truth is something else, It’s not all about how much you earn but its more about how much you save. Its not that easy how its sounds but lets think about the earlier days when our parents manage the living for themselves and then to put some cash with them as savings. Slowly they saved the money and use to collect some money which was worthwhile. Whether they collected it for a house or car or even for a small radio but they purchased all by saving not by begging to their parents. But today, we are not able to manage when it comes to financial planning.
If you also come across same situation in month end that probably no money left with you, then you should surely read the points mentioned below and avoid doing them. And if you follow them its for sure you will have some saving in your hand at the month end.

Avoid Restaurant Food

We generally not realize but the amount of money we spend in ordering food and going to restaurant could be a good saving if avoided. We don’t mean completely avoiding the restaurants, for enjoyment its also important but occasionally. With saving you can get more healthier life by avoiding food outside and having home made food.Hiring a cook is way more economical and healthy.

Excessive Online Shopping

We go for lots of online shopping with various online sites. They are following you in all the social networking sites, Once you use ” Add To Cart” then regular notifications of “Only few left in stock” etc start coming. They refer lots of products according to your favorable items. These can be avoided and collect decent amount for more important things in future.

Minimize travel expenses

Now we know the struggle is real, but if you want to be able to have some money in the bank at the end of the month, do ride the on train/metro.

Avoid Weekend Clubbing

After the hectic and stress full week its fine to celebrate weekends. But every weekend clubbing should be big No No.Find other ways to have fun, instead of swiping your debit card at the bar, until it is declined and you’re left embarrassed and stressed out. Plan your night and properly know how much you can/have to spend on that night.

Investing Some Money

There are many options available for investing your money, Choose a plan for yourself according to your capabilities and start investing. It can be Mutual Fund, RD or a FD etc, Go for it.

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Shivangi Srivastava